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Hello there
I start a new contest with Digimon at the topic
Many of you can draw awesome and I would be proud if someone joins my contest
Deadline is 31th of December, but if someone want I make it a little bit longer^^

Now to what I want:

I want to rewrite my fanfiction "The Time of Darkness" (German History…

Nobody need to know the fanfic, all of you can join^^

I want you to draw:

1. The Meanie, the bad guy of my story

The villain is composed of the souls of all evil Digimon of all seasons from Devimon to Lucemon, but not the fifth season, and who has seen the sixth season, including up to Quartzmon. His name is Detismon, but I think of renaming him. However, you can also rename him.
Who want to may add him one or two features of the earlier villains, such as the wings of Devimon or Etemons teddy.

Detismon can easily take the control on each living creature and control it that way. Also the main characters. His nature is as cold as ice. He also is sarcastic and nasty but as he sais, he is a fair fighter.
He has the ability to lift all Digimon whose mind he controls to the Mega level. If he play fair, he also grantedit to his enemies and take them to the Mega level and leave them her own free will. However, he is not stupid, and lifts a maximum of two enemy Digimon to the Mega level.
He love it to play with his prey and how he wants to them through space or time away to any place.
To make it vulnerable you have to separate him from his host, in whose body he has taken control.
Once the host has been disconnected from Detismon he is poisoned.
Detismons influence on his body begins to make him very sick and at worst slowly destroying from the inside to the outside

Detismon mostly shows himself as a shadowy figure if he hides in his host. In this stage the host is unknown, however this only happens when Detismon stores its shadowy carmouflage.

2. DNA-Digivoloutions

Who has not asked himself before what comes out if you combine several Digimon together?

So I present you now the task to connecting the following Digimon so as they would do a multi-DNA Digivolution:

1. Greymon + XVmon + Growmon + Vritramon (+ Shoutmon)

2. Garurumon + Kyuubimon + Hisyaryumon (Here there is already a drawing. So the task here is to redraw this Digimon ->… )

3. Birdramon + Aquilamon + Zephyrmon

4. Ikkakumon + Ankylomon + Blizzarmon

You might contribute your own ideas if you want to ^ ^
Please no charakters from Savers^^

3. The controlled main character

In the current version of my fanfiction the host of Detismon is Daisuke, also known as Davis
But you also can draw another controlled main character who is your host of the bad guy^^

How and with what things you draw is your choice^^

So now also the criteria:

1. colored images
2. Good quality, best scanned pictures
3. No scetches or black and white images
4. No Shonen-Ai, Yaoi or whatever
5. Complete characters, not just partially drawn characters

That's it already

Among the prizes:

I have to tell you that there will be several first places
I will take some pictures of any point
That means I take all 4 DNA-Digivolutions if there are four pictures to each Digimon progression I list in point 2 and make them to the first place
Also the controlled main character and the meanie

First place will be the character images in the description fanfic also they appear like you draw them in my fanfic

So, enough with the babble

I look forward to participants and entries ^ ^

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Roxiee-chan 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fav! :heart:
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Thank you for the fav :)
TaimaTala 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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trinityweiss 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Thanks for the fave
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Thanks you ! :)
Thanks for the fav :D
BrandiTheBisharp 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
thank you for the fav!
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